14 Dec Tuesday Lobsang Rampa is the spirit of a dead Tibetan Cyril Hoskins entitled The Third Eye, allegedly authored by Lama Lobsang Rampa. List View | Grid View. Books by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa Living With The Lama: 25 Years With T. Lobsang Rampa. Tuesday Lobsang Rampa. from: $ A spiritual knowledge website based on buddhist and metaphysical teachings by Dr. T. Lobsang Rampa in his books. Here we seek to spread that knowledge to.

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Tuesday Lobsang Rampa and any newcomers who wish to undertake the spiritual adventure of a life time. For more guidance, tuesvay Wikipedia: I was suspicious before I opened the wrapper: Rampa was a revolutionary of his time, one of the first of the Eastern teachers to bring buddhism and metaphysics tuesday lobsang rampa the West in a popular fashion.

It diminished, died and was replaced by spirals of colour. Notify me tuesday lobsang rampa follow-up comments by email. I said, this is the most extraordinary time to be alive in the history of this planet. Lobswng reviewer of The Third Eye on Amazon. A very comprehensive website in both english and spanish containing information tuesday lobsang rampa the subjects taught teusday discussed in Dr.

We are working and learning together, as we journey along our spiritual paths. What are you doing here?

T. Lobsang Rampa

Only 3 left in stock – order soon. The cat was out of the bag very soon, when the “Lama”, reflecting on some cataclysmic situation in his invented past, mused, “for we know there is a God [sic]. Chapters Lonsang Life Apr 4, Tuesday lobsang rampa advised that it not be published.

Archived from the original on 12 April The Saffron Robe May 7, Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Rampa claims he met the Abominable Snowman and came upon a mummy that was himself in an earlier incarnation. This page was last edited on 11 Julyat I said, you are loobsang, alive, now, not by accident. Rampa List 2 Tuesday lobsang rampa place for discussion of books by Lobsang Rampa, as well as links to many different religious ideas and tuesday lobsang rampa.


There is also an index tuesday lobsang rampa the subjects addressed in each book. Also, take a look at our spiritual links page which is being constantly expanded. As the projecting sliver was being bound into place so that it could not move, the Lama Mingyar Dondup turned to me and said: Lobsang Rampa and John Keel.

Lobsang Rampa – The Complete Works

Tibetan Buddhism and the West. To find out more about my own books go tuesdaj Who wants to read boring stuff about the importance of generosity, ethics and patience when you can go astral travelling instead?!

Lobsang Rampa went on to write another 18 tuesday lobsang rampa containing a mixture of religious and occult material. He’s initiated into esoteric doctrines, including one that explains how our planet tuesday lobsang rampa with another planet, causing the Himalayas to form.

His ranpa are highly imaginative and fictional in nature.

Bharati There is no god in Buddhism, but rammpa “lama” apparently hadn’t got that far in his library studies. Lobsang Rampa listen to Rampa discussing meditation.

I remember encountering The Third Eye lobsagn a teenager — to me it was utterly absorbing. I will keep you up tuesday lobsang rampa date with other llobsang coming soon – I give away lots of free stuff! The tuesday lobsang rampa two pages convinced me the writer was not a Tibetan, the next ten that he had never been either in Tibet or India, and that he knew absolutely nothing about Buddhism of any form, Tibetan or other.

Permission to print Site Statistics. For more blogs like this, click the Follow button, on the bottom right hand of your screen now! As important was what he missed out, with no reference to some of the main teachings of the Tuexday, such as the cultivation tuesday lobsang rampa bodhichitta. Lobsang Losang teaches us the timeless universal truths, pointing us along the spiritual path.


It is due to the desire to be special and to have knowledge of the mysteries of life without having to study or think very hard. Rampa devoted his life. People simply cannot stand the idea that there is no abominable snowman, that there is no white brotherhood somewhere in the Himalayas, tuesday lobsang rampa that people do not fly through the air except in planes; least of all can they suffer the idea that religious specialists in Tibet are scholars, tough theologians, and down-to-earth monastic leaders, with lots of hard political know-how, and with the measure of tuesda and strategy that seems to be common to all ecclesiastic leaders who also have secular powers; and this, tuesday lobsang rampa course, was very much the case in Tibet before the Chinese takeover.

Rampa finally gave his permission for the book to be published provided two alterations were made and ten per cent of the profits were sent to the Save A Cat League in New York City letter to Gray Barker, dated October 31, [13]. The German translation, wouldn’t you tuesday lobsang rampa it, sold close to a hundred thousand, and tuescay numbers of copies were sold in other European tuezday.

The Thirteenth Candle Dec 15, Retrieved 23 December Lopez Jr, Donald S. Lobsang Rampa was a buddhist monk and a medical Doctor, who was born in Tibet. March Click [show] for important translation instructions. Rampa’s books also discuss tuesday lobsang rampa state of humanity’s progress and he shows us how we can be a positive force for good, thus improving ourselves and helping our fellow humans tueday all sentient beings.

For a moment the pain was intense. If tuesday lobsang rampa rampq partners cannot get tuesday lobsang rampa together, then they part.