19 Jul The basic salaries on the Single Spine Salary Structure have been Joint Standing Negotiating Committee (PSJSNC) held in Accra Tuesday. 2 May The government will soon review the single spine salary structure. private sector pay policies, not only in Ghana but across the globe to make. I AM SURE EVERYONE IN GHANA IS AWARE OF THE DIFFICULTIES ASSOCIATED WITH THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SINGLE SPINE SALARY.

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An inter-ministerial committee is being established by the Ministries of Employment and Labour Relations and Finance, to undertake the review of the single spine pay policy and make recommendations for implementation by government. spibe

Base pay on Single Spine Salary Structure increased by 11 percent | Business News

The rest of the talks are service-based. In this new pay system, pay rise will be given purely on merit and not just after mere negotiations.

The reward is presented to them as salaries. This should be done within the next six weeks to enable them to take responsibility for the implementation of all matters related to public sector pay.

Single spine salary structure to be reviewed – Akufo-Addo

Introducing the single pay spine does not change the existing grade structures in use by the various institutions and services. However, this did not go so well with the teachers.

Implementation of the Single Pay Spine There are a significant number of activities that must be undertaken before the single pay spine can be fully implemented. In an effort to stabilize the wage bill, they are using this to ensure that the salaries paid are harmonized.

Notwithstanding the well-crafted nature and the objectives of the policy, its implementation has suffered challenges.

These activities were undertaken to provide a context and basis for the development of a public sector pay structure framework, to provide some guidance on the future of public sector pay and to determine the need for broad based job evaluation.


In the current circumstances in the public sector this may not be assumed, therefore job evaluation will be undertaken. To convert this grade structure to one suited for singel with a single pay spine, the values in each cell of the matrix must be checked against the values on the pay spine.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. They used to engage in some sort of superiority contest where each trade union negotiated for pay increases against the pay rise negotiated for by another trade union and the government.

I love writing because the pen is mightier than the sword. SSSS introduced in to ensure salary equity Launched inthe SSSS was to promote equity within the public sector by ensuring that public sector workers received equal salaries for equal work done. How Government, as Employer, values jobs within the public sector in relation to each other while also spune the value of jobs within the same service classification in relation to each other.

It aims to raise the salaries of the middle level earners who receive lower salaries but have equal level of qualification with the already high paid middle level earners. Understanding how the single spine pay method works is important to any public service employee affected by the scheme, and most especially teachers as they feel that it was an injustice to them. The single pay spine places all public servants on one vertical structure.

As it is well known, employment is a key factor for the sxlary and development of any country. A position would only be able to move on the pay spine to the pay points associated with their grade in the grading structure. The government will soon review the single spine salary structure. Once all grades and steps in the GUSS matrix have been replaced by pay points, the GUSS grade structure will be completely redefined as follows extract only:.


Fair Wages want to stop yearly pay rise for public workers. Let us look at the salaries of teachers before and after the implementation of the single spine salary structure. It led to Ghana losing its spien force to foreign countries. Proposals to improve on the implementation of the SSSS such as high collaboration by the stakeholders, depoliticize the process, financial availability by government ghaa handle accommodation, massive education, logistics, and library. The structure helps show you how salaries are paid according to the grades.

There is the need to standardize and set guidelines across the public sector on allowances and benefits. Accident kills another woman at Adenta; youth burn tyres to block road. This has generated a lot of conflict among competing stakeholders including suspicions, disagreement and strike actions in the process.

The Implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure (Ssss) in Ghana

Another issue that might be said to have been considered is the wage bill. Expat salary in Vietnam. These would continue exactly as they are until the job evaluation is undertaken. The wage bill was rising at an alarming rate in the years and this was a way to ensure that it did not continue to destroy the economy. Slary addition, a complete job evaluation of the entire public service, leading to the re-grading of all jobs using a simplified set of grades, that are easily understood and applicable across the public sector is going to be done.

Do you ever witness news or have a story that should be featured on Pulse Ghana? Contact Us Send Feedback. Top of pay spine Pay point Salary at pay point increment 1 , 3.