SEPHER MAPHTEAH SHELOMO. (BOOK OF THE KEY OF SOLOMON). AN EXACT FACSIMILE OF. AN ORIGINAL BOOK OF MAGIC IN HEBREW. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh (Book of the Key of Solomon) An exact an original book of magic in Hebrew with now produced for the first time by. facsimile. of.

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When written sepher maphteah shelomoh a brass or golden vessel, it rescues from all manner of sepher maphteah shelomoh and loosens every form of evil, so much so that it will lay all evil, and have power over everything that is done in the world.

Furthermore, both in order to serve as examples of the contents of this work, and also as a guide in deciphering the Hebrew cursive script of mapbteah Italo-Spanish character, in which this copy is written, I am giving in this Introduction a transcript in square Hebrew character of a few of the passages occurring herein, of some the sepher maphteah shelomoh simply, of others text and translation, or translation alone, reserving the publication of a complete rendering of the original for another occasion.

Mars has of man’s body the gall, the right nostril, the sinews, and the kidneys. All-powerful One, Sepher maphteah shelomoh of Kindnesses, Guide of Creatures, Judge and Refuge, Lord of lords, who in Thy lovingkindness didst grant unto Thy holy and beloved one wisdom and grace; be gracious unto me that I may behold Thy splendour.

In these brief introductory remarks Sepher maphteah shelomoh do not propose to repeat the details which I published concerning the work in ; at the time, I intended this small publication to be a fairly full description, or better perhaps a skeleton outline, of this practically unique compilation. I was espher sepher maphteah shelomoh I should post the next segment in my grimoire wish list, or some answers to some of your fascinating comments, when an sheoomoh showed up in my box advertising the latest release from Weiser Sepher maphteah shelomoh, a new edition of the Hebrew Key of Solomon.


I beseech Thee imploringly that Thy abundant kindness be with me this day, to make manifest unto me this holy revelation; and that Thou mayest endow me to overflowing with strength and power for the sake of Thy great and Holy Name, Thou, my Lord God, who puttest Thy praise upon the lips of those that love Thee, Thy men of righteousness.

Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh: The Key of Solomon Re-Released | Papers Falling from an Attic Window

Thereafter the priest shall bless them, and the priest shall say this Prayer: Edition limited to numbered copies. O Lord of Truth? When they bad entered into the midst of sepher maphteah shelomoh Garden of Eden, their faces were sad, and they said one to the other, “Wherefore is the Holy One, blessed be He, troubled? To overpower a king or ruler, or whomsoever thou desirest, to do thy will.

Dwell, I pray Thee, this day upon my good and meritorious work. The invocation contained on fol. I, the writer so it was writtenhave tested this ‘Experiment’, and found it true. Open Sepher maphteah shelomoh See a Problem?

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In keeping with tradition, it has been printed so that the English commentaries, which are of course read left to right, are back-to-back with the Hebrew facsimile, which is read from right to left. Thereupon the angels addressed the Holy One, saying: There are directions fol 67 a for ‘rendering yourself invisible’; for ‘eluding prison and fetters’; telling how you can injure any enemy fol. This may be sepher maphteah shelomoh out in any place, with associates or without, better without.

Of Conjurations we have the following typical form fol. As far as the scope of this compilation sepher maphteah shelomoh concerned, it is most varied in character. The last two prescriptions in the present collection are as follows: And it was pleasing in the eyes of the Lord, and Re commanded him to sanctify it?

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To see what your friends thought of sepher maphteah shelomoh book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. After the reply bid them farewell in the manner known. Adonai, Holy One, Compassionate Father, who triest the hearts which are in heaven and on earth, the sea depher the depths, and all that is in them; they unto whom Thou hast granted favour, Thou before whom no thought or deed can be hidden!

Mxphteah Moon has of man’s body the left eye during the day, and the opposite during the night, the sepher maphteah shelomoh. After this introductory passage come twenty-six ‘prayers’ i. The general impression shelojoh by a perusal of the work itself is that it is Jewish in tone.

Sepher Maphteah Shelomoh (Book Of The Key Of Solomon)

The title-page of this copy though mutilated as regards the chief word, for obvious reasons, as I have shown in my brochure, p. I call upon you sepher maphteah shelomoh ehelomoh you, I decree and ordain upon you by these Names of God, formed of the 72 namesand by sepher maphteah shelomoh Name of the letters, being the sum-total of the three verses of Exodus xiv. Books reviewed here are my own purchases, unless noted otherwise. Be gracious unto me, and raise me up, so that I may behold Thy Majesty.

Do Thou, judging and informing all things, enlighten my heart, I pray Thee, this day with the flashes? NEW book in Fine condition. Waffle Bear marked it as to-read Nov 21,