I have been fortunate to be a part of the development team for Registax 6 from steps here to help the reader get past the basic learning curve of Registax 6. Just thought I’d share this link for a brilliant guide to planetary processing with Registax 6. The website is ran by a chap called Paul Maxson and. Quick Tutorial on the Use of Registax 6 for Registering and Integrating AVI files. Brad Timerson. April 8, These are very tentative procedures. I have not.

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Recent Topics It’s not too early for the Perseid regista Please log in to reply. In registax 6 manual few seconds the stacking will be done. Using Registax 6 Paul Maxson I have been fortunate to be a part of the development team for Registax 6 from day one. I’m a beginner with registax and it’s a steep learning curve.

This I just figured out.

Stacking Click “show stackgraph”. When you press “Set alignpoints” again your manual placed points will be lost!

Registax 6 manual this tutorial I’ll keep a couple hundred. Click “Do All”, then save the registax 6 manual. This is very, very easy Of course many settings you can and later on should adjust, but this is the first and easiest workflow you can use! I don’t fully understand what wavelet processing is, but it appears to be a local contrast enhancement algorithm. Wait for the stack to complete Click on the Wavelet Tab.


This box tells you how many frames will be stacked.

The large spike registax 6 manual the left is for the black portions of the image. So I click the Set Alignpoints button and Registax will select the points. The histogram lists the brightness of each pixel.

In V6 this is not the case. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.

Processing guide: Registax 6 – Imaging – Image Processing, Help and Techniques – Stargazers Lounge

Registax 6 Facebook Twitter. RegiStax will also automatically generate alignpoints inside this area. Play with the sliders until you get registax 6 manual nice result. I drag and drop my bmp frames onto Registax. The website is ran by registax 6 manual chap called Paul Maxson and I have found it to be extremely useful in getting to grips with Registax 6 and general planetary processing.

As far as the number of APS, I find that there is a point of diminishing return.

Interest This allows you to registax 6 manual a Region of Interest, after pressing the button a yellow box will appear on the screen. Sign in Already have an account? For planetary, if I have some decent ‘seeing’ and the data is good, I can get good results mnual only best frames. During the setting of alignpoints we havent decided how large each alignmentbox is. Press “Do All”, then “Save”.

Using the right-mousebutton you can remove registax 6 manual nearestby alignpoint. For Moon or Sun you may employ Avistack instead note that it is perfectly suited also for planets. You can save your wavelet ‘schemes’ for recall another time.


The next thing one needs to do before registax 6 manual the majual tab, is determine the method on how you would like the frames limited to gain the best result. Registax 6 manual The image above shows the general functions available on the Alignpage. Just click ‘Save Scheme’ and give it a title. It is best not manua place APS in dark areas or areas with no contrast.

I don’t think registax 6 manual will have much success using them for M Note the ‘Stacking Options’ area at upper left, and make sure ‘StackSize’ is set to default, ‘Normalization of frame intensity’ and ‘Correct geometry’ are checked. Having used the beta software for over 4 months, I have come up with my own set of steps to process raw frames to stacking and regisax.

Registax 6 A Horror

I’ve forgotten my password. Posted June 10, registax 6 manual Select an alignment box that is a little larger than the planet, click the center of the planet, and then click “Align”. Sign in with Twitter. So in this example, I went over to the bottom left to ‘Limit Setup’ and clicked the ‘Best Frames’ circle.