For two years, bestselling author Neil Strauss lived among these men. Using the pseudonym Style to protect his real-life identity, he began his remarkable. Spelet Av Neil Strauss. 7 likes. Book. Spelet Av Neil Strauss. Book. 7 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started. Sign Up. 17 May Pick-up artist and bestselling author of The Game Neil Strauss breaks the guy code and tells you how to become an expert flirt in nine steps.

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Jul 01, Fayder Florez rated it really liked it. None of us were. An interesting story of how someone changed their life thoroughly, I can imagine as a teenager I would have found ‘The Game’ part more enthralling but he told a good story with the end moral really being ‘continually self improve and don’t be afraid to be who you are’.

The Game: The Rules of the Game

You just can’t spend an entire book ranking women’s looks on a numbered scale, brag about getting the attention of the highest ranking ones, and not seem like a misogynist. It gets 4 stars from me for making me so angry and being so right about how stupid we all are. Fascinating insights into a taboo world. Everyone Is a Suspect by Neil Strauss. This book is just too fun. Torrents are particularly useful for files which are popular, because the more people in the torrent, the faster the download.

I had heard and read a little bit about pick-up artists before, and it just so happened that a few weeks earlier I had come across Strauss’ name online so I recognized it when I saw the book. In time, he wrote spelrt book about his experiences, which became The Game: Instead of models in bikinis lounging by the Project Hollywood pool all day, we had pimply teenagers, bespectacled businessmen, tubby students, lonely millionaires, struggling actors, frustrated spelrt drivers, and computer programmers — lots of computer programmers.


Just be glad you had the opportunity to experience it. I hated this book and everything is stands for. Von der erregenden Kunst, treu zu sein by Neil Strauss. El Metodo by Neil Strauss. Please select your preferred region. Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artiststhe book which made Neil Strauss famous to guys speler to learn how to seduce womenor at least neil strauss spelet a little better at picking up women in bars.

Neil Strauss spent four years gathering this knowledge, living it and sharing it. This maneuver has its own name: Don’t Try This at Home: The Dirt by Neil Strauss. It is a how-to book.

The Game – Ljudbok – Neil Strauss – Storytel

Some boners along the way: Retrieved from ” https: Most definitely the most misogynistic thing you will ever read, but also absolutely hilarious and with a lot of truth in it. Sfrauss C rated it did not like it Sep 13, I couldn’t put this book down as I found myself intrigued by how the author described his exploits attracting, meeting and bedding various women.

Part practical application and part sequel, this is the further adventures of Style and his game techniques. The book was marred spwlet the fact that I’m not sure to what extent it was true.

Neil Strauss – Melly Lee Photography Blog

Strauss advocates various staruss, mostly from the point of view of heterosexual men. Retrieved 28 June People develop a desire for something more. I suppose I gave the book two stars because it did keep my interest enough for me to finish, even though it also made me a little bit sick.

Was great to read this again 10 years later.

The Game Quotes

Only then do you work through problems in neio head. His latest book, The Truth: It doesn’t matter how many magic tricks he could do, I’m sure that women who do not rely on male attention for validation would not be seduced by superficial tricks for srrauss. Thanks for telling us about the problem.


I hated how it made me feel stupid, pathetic, manipulated and I hated recognising some of my favourite friends in it. The bootcamp consists of Strauss and other participants approaching women, and then Mystery and his counterpart, Sinn, giving them corrective advice on their behaviors, body language, and what to speleh.

Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists: It’s because the universe is smart. Are the women looking to get self-worth from male attention as much as the men were deriving their self-worth from the female attention? I think the term derives from a boy who casts pebbles at a little girl in a playful way, to tease neil strauss spelet flirt with her. I must admit that I enjoyed the section about Courtney Love. The book was featured on The New York Times Bestseller List for two months after its release in Septemberreaching prominence again in during the broadcast of the VH1 television series The Pickup Artistwhich was hosted by MysteryStrauss’s mentor in the book.

A good deal of the book focuses on how to obtain the elusive upper hand, or just hand, in a relationship. The idea is you create an aura about yourself, a mystique, neil strauss spelet you set the rules.

It’s taken pages for Strauss to realize what most readers will have got by page Like a tabloid editor, we search for both greatness and weakness, jotting down notes in our heads strausa future exploitation. From a secret technique taught to a bare minimum of guys, the Neil Strauss Annihilation Method has filtered out neil strauss spelet the public.

The Truth by Neil Strauss.