Does MobileIron support delegation of administrative roles and functions? Yes. MobileIron Core . Can you prevent or force application installation or removal?. For more information about configuring MobileIron for iOS, see your MobileIron administration guide. IBM Connections supports MobileIron VSP version and . IBM Connections supports MobileIron VSP version and higher. For more information about configuring MobileIron, see your MobileIron administration guide.

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Contact your MobileIron representative if you require additional details on AppConnect license purchases. Figure – Creating the per app VPN If the Good Work application is not installed on the device, exporting logs will fail. Figure 94 — Devices affected by assignment. When the service token expires the user will no longer have access to email. Once you’ve selected the appropriate configuration you will be presented with a summary of the details surrounding said configuration.

The commands are actually run against the VSP. To begin making changes you will want to navigate towards the ‘Policies’ section specifically under ‘Policy Sets’. Sentry receives the request from the device and extracts the device UPN from the certificate. Email notifications are sent to the specified email addresses seven, five, two, and one days before the Kerberos service account password expires.

An update to this article will be published in the event this changes. Select views 27 pages. Figure 79 — Airwatch Console Header. In this scenario, 2 things are present and should be noted. Could not allocate Partitions as primary partitions. It is great when it works, but getting to that point can be a slow and painful process if inexperienced with implementation and general knowledge of certificates. Failure to upload the new keytab file before the service token expires will result in the KDC failing to renew the token which will prevent users from receiving email.


Figure — Pre-Configuring the server name and server details – 2. Now the locate feature and the maps are working as expected. Multiple service types can be selected, but http must be selected at minimum for this functionality. The following will walk you through this. Please reference the MobileIron Assemble support page for further assistance in resolving issues with Assemble. Not for iOS 4.

Depending on your settings for deployment jobs it may take some time for deployment to occur. Check that all other authentication types are disabled.

MobileIron – Chase’s Notes

The Element statements are what defines what the rule must match. This should be created to reflect your company’s guice infrastructure. Figure 92 — Choosing the drop down.

Here is a list of problems and the solutions I have experienced while working with Gude. This is done using the BlackBerry MDM platform which, once configured, will push the required certificate s to any applicable devices.

It is recommended that the Assemble website is used to debug and resolve these types of issues.

When you are ready to make changes click on ‘Edit’. There may be others, but these URLs are the URLs that were required to get the locate feature working or more specifically the maps to display on the locate feature. Setting up certificate based authentication can be extremely difficult and frustrating. When successful, users will be presented with a list of eligible apps from which the logs can be exported.

Figure 70— Configuration details. In this step you use the ktpass command on the KDC to perform one of the following two procedures:. When initialisation with the server has completed successfully the login screen will be visible and users can start using the application. Use the Subject Alternate Name Type list to select the field in the client certificate adminisration will be used to identify the user for Kerberos Constrained Delegation.

Figure 95 — Devices affected by assignment. Can a Sentry be gulde to multiple VSPs?


If the application has been updated in an existing software configuration, the configuration may already be applied to existing users and groups. If the device has already been configured to access the wireless network, the profile fails to be properly installed and if a selective wipe is sent to the device, the wireless configuration will remain on the device.

Navigate to the Computers folder for the Kerberos realm Kerberos refers to a domain as a realm. Error while getting client service ticket com. Once this is done assuming everything is setup correctly Android for Work enabled MindLink will be leveraging the VPN profile you have created.

If you’re not available on these dates, please contact us to arrange a presentation at your convenience Some ITS Ibelem customer references for the MobileIron solution: It calls out the adminietration of elements multiple elements can be combined for greater granularity. To specify another location to save, simply include the full path in front of the filename. This can be found on the server details page or the about screen for the Android devices. The network card will not gudie after the system is installed when a paravirtualized controller is used.

Once you are happy with the configuration of the application deployment, you will want to ensure that the option ‘Device must be MDM managed to install this App’ is ticked.

1 iOS Client

The key for each password is chosen randomly from a ring of 5 keys. Figure — Pre-Configuring the server name and server details – 1. Open Source Used In Cisco 3, views 5, pages.

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