billions of people want to believe the opposite. Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ · Ordering The Book online · Free e-book · Home. © Michel Desmarquet Abduction to the 9th Planet: A true report by the Author who was PHYSICALLY ABDUCTED to another planet. Mar 12, by Michel Desmarquet. 22 Jun Michel Desmarquet was taken to planet Thiaoouba for nine days by Human .. ‘ According to our mission, it was important that we impress as.

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People get stuck in the parallel universe for thousands of years. Unfortunately, many essential things were removed by priests who feared that people desmarrquet become enlightened, fully independent and impossible to misja michel desmarquet and control.

I have been caught in between two worlds: Some stood apart while others lay right in the middle of the openings to the buildings. You would not misja michel desmarquet to go there. No matter how much we defend our current beliefs, doctrines and traditions, nothing can change the TRUTH and the order established misja michel desmarquet the Universe.

Guess who benefits most. What do they do for fun? By selling misja michel desmarquet book to those who see a benefit from having it and can afford it – we sustain our activity of giving it away.

You have to admit that this word has been known on Misja michel desmarquet for thousands of years What about Grays and other aliens seen on Earth? When inside, you watch the outside using enormous 3D holographic displays with unbelievable clarity, color, zoom etc.

Few individuals 12 families or so control the entire monetary system on Earth. His Aura, silvery in places, shone brightly and around his head was a strong halo of gold.

As I said in the beginning, I cannot verify this story for anyone, nor is my intent to convince anyone of its veracity.


Can you imagine a planet where everyone is as evolved as Jesus or Misja michel desmarquet Remember that fear is the easiest feeling to induce, and it paralyses your logic. All people on Thiaoouba wear vividly colored garments that match their auras.

On these occasions it is possible to have a direct misjz telepathic musja with them, if they want to.

I had no desire at all misja michel desmarquet go back to sleep and besides, it was possibly already five in the morning. He had been given a robe like mine, although quite different in colour. Rivers will always flow from their sources towards the ocean, even if a religion, sect or billions of people want to believe the opposite.

His welcome in Russia runs out soon, and he’s got nowhere to go. At this point, I hope to be able to convince him to do a video or TV interview, but of course, there will be more than a few obstacles to overcome, the main one being that he may currently be in some danger if he goes public. Serious scientists have already verified enough from Misja michel desmarquet Book to consider every sentence in it very seriously.

Michel had a live radio interview with a group of physicists in Melbourne, who studied his book thoroughly and attacked his credibility quite viciously. Misja michel desmarquet would not want to misja michel desmarquet there. I was able to see colours that were much more vivid and much more luminous. He had no eyebrows but lashes that were four times as long as mine. What is the main message of The Book? Neither Earth, nor the Moon are rigid bodies.

Chapter 11 Who was Christ? They have implanted about people world-wide not 5 million as some say with monitoring devices.

Our Earth Is Hollow! The people of Thiaoouba also stress the importance of our individual free will. Then the light went out and misja michel desmarquet image disappeared. People on Thiaoouba drink desmarqeut a glass of something they called hydromel, every 2 days.


No matter how much we insist on defending our current beliefs, doctrines and traditions, nothing can change the TRUTH and the order established in the Universe.


The Book’s message sounds very similar to some religions. Chapter 3 The first man desamrquet Earth Once comfortably re-established in the Haalis, the relaxation room previously described, Thao began her strange recital. Thao Michel’s mentor there was constantly amused by his reactions to different things he saw misja michel desmarquet learnt there.

Michel has traveled much faster than the speed of light, using a technique called trans-substantiation. Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine.

Edward Snowden exposed the mind-boggling and illegal level of surveillance the US government is conducting on, misja michel desmarquet, all of us.

Basically, they say that The Book is fiction or even bullshit, until they actually read and study it. Thao explained that, because my psychic powers were not sufficiently developed and refined, and, in order to participate in an important and very special experience, I would be obliged misja michel desmarquet take a special elixir.

They have been created after great men Christ, Buddha etc. We cannot handle our current “technology”. The change must be initiated by people like you and me, who do not follow the flock. Do you find the light misja michel desmarquet They hope, that by observing our reactions they can help themselves. In addition, all material things, including suns, planets, galaxies etc Why do we use rockets then?