Mike Mangini – Rhythm Knowledge – PDF – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hey everyone, I hope someone could help me out here: I´m now half through the book of Rhythm Knowledge Part 2 (also got Part 1), and I´m a. Mike Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge , PM. Anybody read and use these books and or practice cds?? My instructor swears by it, I like the.

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He related to them in this way. Originally Posted by ZiGglA. The Drummerworld technique forums are here: This was a business school, not a music school.

What is its substance and material? Is he talking of spending this time mastering ONE exercise at a time, or am I looking at this too clinically? I have them all and all of them have had some sort of impact what rhytmh how I practice. Your forearms and hands might get blasted by the jump in workload.

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Intelligence plus manhini that is the goal of true education. If vol2 is in the same league as Lang’s materials, I know I can safely skip it for now.

Even the smallest role in a play should be carried out with a full effort.

Find all posts by Elpecs. Send a private message to whitecatcafe. In the end, our wills determine all things. If you’re a kid in Kansas picking these up because you liked Mike’s work in Extreme or Annihilator, you probably walked away a little disappointed not getting it overall The whole point is to improve. From what I recall the concept was to play each individual exercise for 90 minutes.

Work up to 90 minutes over a reasonable period of time, say a few weeks to months. This would be an example. He tested it on himself, his students and anyone willing try out learning something they previously did not know.


I’ve read Mangini’s Rhythm Knowledge, which really appealed to my inner scientist, but since then I’ve struggled to practice confidently.

For a while, I followed his advice and worked in 90 minute blocks for individual exercises, but was never confident I was “doing it right”. Is he advocating working on 1 pattern in the minute block method for knowedge weeks, or per page? Mike did not knowwledge a music college. The band would look at me and say ‘That is 12 times’ and I would say ‘Yeah, for you it is twelve, for me it is 5’. His method seems overly-esoteric and basically removed from anything musical.

Plus how is any of it new? A person that cannot execute a physical move cannot do so because they do not know what it feels like. He told me a Portraits In Rhythm solo I played was “pissah” once, so there’s that. DO NOT use a symbol of any kind in your username. I could see the future, but only way off to the side. Say single stroke rolls with the hands for example.

His goal is exactly what he says in his first book, and I’m paraphrasing, but basically to give you the tools to play whatever comes to your mind the moment it comes to your mind.

And while I will admit, I only actively apply those two principles in his book, a lot of other things written in there are common sense. Most musicians learn the other way around by trying to just play music, or primarily rehash what they already know while jamming mostly. Find all posts by CtrStDrumSchool. The Story behind R. Time signature becomes irrelevant, and you pay attention to speed you should use a non-accented click for your time keeper.


Okay, that is my VERY long-winded answer to this question. However, the 5 main systems in Volume II are in and of themselves, full of enough things to do that if done, one would be able to play most anything leaving only the pursuit of mental and physical speed, coordination and combinations of the the elements of the 5 systems. Find all posts by whitecatcafe.

If I tried to write that piece out on a chart, I’d have gone insane. Of course this is improbable, but it technically is not impossible.

A few questions About Mike Mangini´s Rhythm Knowledge

The first was that a trumpet player in the school jazz band threw a plunger mute at Mike and hit him in the head after he played a drum solo during an audition for the band. A couple of interesting events happened to Mike in college. As Erskine says – ‘do the simple things really well’, or something like that! Scary to think this guy was full-time at Berklee for 10 years teaching this jive. In the last clinic, he was like ‘So this fill is in 12’s, well, it’s 27 hits’ and then he’d play it.

Or 30 minutes of sixteenths, 30 minutes of triplets and 30 minutes of quintuplets. Mike Mangini Rhythm Knowledge Practice Confusion I studied with Mike for some time and he explained it to me as “recording a motion into your muscle memory”.

The systems are arranged how they are in order to create purpose and for users to apply their imaginations.