MFJ Instruction Manual. HF/VHF SWR Analyzer. 1. MFJ HF/VHF SWR ANALYZER. INTRODUCTION. The MFJ SWR Analyzer is an easy to operate . Downloaded by. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page MFJ Instruction Manual. HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzer. MFJ SWR HF/ VHF ANALYZER. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Warning: READ SECTION BEFORE.

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The theory is frequency spacing between impedance manuap, when converted to half wavelengths, is the distance to an open or short. Quiescent current bias in the RF amplifier section is adjustable. This is the approximate resonant frequency of the stub. L5 oscillator squeeze-spread tunes from below Even then, there can be some errors from connector and trace lengths inside the analyzer. I reviewed, modified, and edited mfj 259b manual work.

Detector system gain is set at high detector voltages or high-bits, by R53 extreme SWRR72 Vz mfj 259b manual load voltage bitsand R73 Vs low load impedance, high-Vs series bits.

The ideal load resistors are surface-mount precision-resistors, but other styles will work. I designed the simple linear amplifier mfj 259b manual the MFJB. Each band should overlap the next by a small amount to ,anual gap-free coverage from 1. The bridge detectors are NOT frequency selective, and respond to anything from minor dc offsets through microwave mcj.

In order for the detectors to be accurate within a fraction of mfj 259b manual percent one bitdetector diodes must have very low capacitance and very low threshold voltage.

Setting a test point to a certain voltage, like 3 volts, is not fully reliable. Using this, it is possible to calibrate mfj 259b manual B with higher values of load resistance. If you use a receiver for adjustment, be sure the receiver is tuned to the second harmonic manuap the MFJB, and that the receiver is not being overloaded by mfj 259b manual MHz fundamental mfj 259b manual.


Mdj is the weak point for accuracy. 259h verifying calibration with all loads, carefully reassemble your antenna analyzer. For example the not b or c does not display X reactancefor setting the length of a wire or element for best SWR it doesn’t matter. This unit also has meter calibration adjustments. Also the and b require 8 or 10 AA batteries. Do not tug, stress, or repeatedly flex leads, or carelessly flop or toss things about.

It is acceptable to parallel multiple resistors to obtain uncommon resistances, but don’t series connect more than two resistors! The analyzer is terminated in a low impedance, which places the highest load on the RF mfj 259b manual. Never apply external voltages greater than 3 volts to the antenna port! Since MFJB firmware mfj 259b manual several versions under the same model number, you may find some final performance or function verification steps invalid.

Mfj 259b manual a load is reactive, the theoretical total of Vs and Vz exceeds bits. Dirty band-switch contacts may be restored with spray tuner-cleaners, or WD The list below is the start for any second or third run-through points, or calibration touch ups.

MFJ 259B Hf/vhf SWR Analyzer Instruction Manual

If you notice something “funny” going on with a stub measurement, it may be a fault of incorrect bias. These connectors will plug into type-N ohm connectors as “quick connect” connectors:. Although any calibration pot can affect readings, large reactance errors at impedance extremes commonly occur from improper setting of low-bit adjustments.

A calibrated spectrum analyzer works 259g for monitoring harmonic output, but mfj 259b manual well-shielded general-coverage receiver with signal-level meter will also work. Measurement errors in stubs and janual lengths will occur if the harmonic null is not adjusted correctly in the B or !

For initial adjustments, if the unit has never been aligned, start here. This reading should be compromised with the Harmonics mfj 259b manual worse with low supply voltages, and with low impedance loads. The only reason for this request is there must be a point of control of information, so it can be corrected or expanded as modifications, errors, or omissions show up. This particular adjustment should be made mfj 259b manual the lowest expected operating voltage.


This type of analyzer contains an RF oscillator, a very linear amplifier to increase power, and an internal resistor bridge in a modified Whetstone bridge configuration. Total harmonic power, at the lowest load impedance, must be down at least 25dB and preferably 35dB. Small set of non-metallic alignment wands for coils, and small jeweler’s screwdrivers for controls. I am not aware mfj 259b manual any other source that gives correct calibration procedures.

This work is all donated.

MFJB SWR Analyzer

There mfj 259b manual multiple reasons why, at the time of design, these units were dc coupled with broadband detectors. You should clearly see the MFJ analyzer’s fundamental frequency output voltage Vz go through a deep null. This page is the most current result.

The bridge is dc-coupled from an internal resistor bridge to the antenna port. Acceptable mfj 259b manual will be obtained when load resistors are mounted in the very mfj 259b manual of a UHF-male connector. Never calibrate around a sudden “problem” that appears.

Proper alignment requires a This item doesn’t belong on this page. Unfortunately, they arbitrarily changed manual instructions for stub length and distance-to-fault measurements. mahual

MFJ-259B Analyzer Mini-Manual

By factoring in a direct SWR measurement from an internal mfj 259b manual, the analyzer can check and “correct” any small level errors in Vs or Vz. It mfj 259b manual the accumulated voltage of multiple sources that is most important, not the strength of any individual signal. Since the bridge depends on nulls, any external voltage will throw off readings. If you know your unit has been tampered with, preset trim pots R88R89and R90 to their center positions before continuing.