6 Sep by James Powell Photo: Marija Gimbutas in Lithuania MARIJA GIMBUTAS (23 January – 2 February ) Marija Gimbutas, PhD, was a. Marija Gimbutas was a Lithuanian-American archaeologist and anthropologist known for her .. The Language of the Goddess: Unearthing the Hidden Symbols of Western Civilization. San Francisco: Harper & Row. Gimbutas, Marija (). “The purpose of this book is to present the pictorial script for the religion of the Old European Great Goddess, consisting of signs, symbols, and images of.

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Whether Nashville is the beginning of our culture’s being strong enough to perceive the complexity of spiritual life, of recognizing the Goddess, what is certain is that the language of the Great Goddess has existed for thousands upon thousands of years, far longer than Christianity. In doing so she has discovered an ancient civilization that existed from the Upper Neolithic until about 5, years ago.

The Language of the Goddess: A Conversation with Marija Gimbutas – Elder Mountain Dreaming @ gmail

Marija Gimbutas has sailed seas of thought alone that no one else has sailed. You turn an object one way, you see female genitals. It is lavish goddeess beautifully produced but it is also filled on page after page with assertions that simply cannot be justified by the data provided on marija gimbutas the language of the goddess page.

I think it was important for me to know the philosophy of peasants. At her father’s deathbed, Gimbutas pledged that she would study to become a scholar: For hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions, in the lower Paleolithic objects were markja symbols.


It is also social structure. According to her interpretations, gynocentric or matristic societies were peaceful, honored women, marija gimbutas the language of the goddess espoused economic equality. Return to Book Page. Not just a simple reflection, but a philosophical thought—from where does life come? In a lot of ways, this debate—does the Goddess exist, did Gmbutas exist? Be the first to ask a question about The Language of the Goddess.

The Language of the Goddess

Lanyuage is not scientific materialism alone. There are walled paintings preserved. I heard some folksongs and beliefs, rituals. Or are Goddesses actually divine beings? So if there is a Goddess and no Father God, the social structure must be matrilineal. Her large, beautifully illustrated book will godddess archeology, marija gimbutas the language of the goddess and classics departments the world over in a tizzy.

Neither of these issues are her fault, but the results are the same. So it became clear that Europe was not Indo-European from the beginning. It was a spontaneous thing.

Illustrated with nearly symbolic artefacts – sculptures, figurines, temple models, frescos, vases, sacrificial containers – the book forges a framework that supports langyage recovery of a long-suppressed portion of European heritage. The language of the goddess: Linguists believe that this language continued for a long time the same as the religion.

Ucko, in his monograph Anthropomorphic figurines of predynastic Egypt warned against unwarranted inferences about the meanings of statues. The Indo-Europeans are a superstratum. Nature, the beauty of the Spring. Five years later, her father died suddenly.


Oct 24, Woodland Animal rated it it was ok. It is not the flesh. I’m reading another book on archeology with illustrations that are not accompanied with their era and culture, and I really notice the difference.

They represent the grammar and syntax of a kind of meta-language by llanguage an entire constellation of meanings is transmitted. I was learning piano because it was fashionable. Gimbutas arranges the material masterfully so that the reader has a marija gimbutas the language of the goddess into the ritual symbols and markings and what their significance may have meant to ancient peoples. She was a personal friend, and my interview with her can be found on my profile page under Writings.

They are in a sense, always here. I was very excited to be in that special month.

Other editions – Narija all The language of the goddess: Handbook of Historical Linguistics. Although it contains much of value, some of it stimulating and useful in the detail, it does not present a plausible case for a pre-Indo-European continent-wide goddess religion ousted by nomad warrior males.