There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds multiverse. Most of GURPS settings can be easily adopted as part of the Infinite. Something that looks like Time Travel combined with alternative world hopping. GURPS: Infinite Worlds is the default GURPS 4th edition setting, loosely inspired . GURPS Infinite Worlds [Kenneth Hite, Steve Jackson, John M. Ford] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Infinite Worlds Infinite Adventure!.

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And then there are those who are just annoyed by the excessively flowery, polite and melodramatic language in what passes for gurps infinite worlds nowadays And, of course, the successor states in South America to the Empire gurps infinite worlds New Spain are proving to be very independent-minded and contentious; only the early seizure of Brazil by the Ottomans keeps them from being even more hostile to the American Alliance. Infinity largely shrugs at the idea of enslaving stone-age survivors, but since Tibet has maintained a functional civilization under the lamas, Infinity has told the colonists to leave them alone and not try any freebooting there.

GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers | Alternate History Discussion

Some of their closest technological rivals never had the parachronic secret but did have better interstellar gurps infinite worlds tech. A world where magic entered the world inand is centered in Germany.

The first four chapters of the book deal with Infinity Campaigning in general, with occasional digressions into moving sideways in time in general. As mentioned under the Canon Welding gurps infinite worlds, the setting itself was basically gurps infinite worlds to allow crossovers to happen by way of interdimensional travel.

Moore, on the other hand and after the usual run of implausible adventuressoon found himself at the head of first a conspiracy, then an insurrection, then a revolution, that had by swept away the Spanish occupiers of the North American colonies.

GURPS Infinite Worlds

Worlds of Atomic Horror. I just wanted to pop in and to compliment you all on producing such Good Work! Homeline has begun investigating this world to obtain information about this mana -rich reality, but unbeknownst to them the Merlin-1 American government is aware of their actions and has begun spying on them gurps infinite worlds return.


While it is unlikely that the Brazilian Civil War will spiral out of control and become the catalyst for the Great War, it has become a testing ground for the world’s newest weapons and military strategies. Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore gurps infinite worlds fully text searchable.

Archived from the original on If it weren’t for the constant threat of war with two unpleasant continental powers, life might almost be idyllic for Alliance members. Future Worlds Unwisdom Of. However, when that happens, they tend not gurps infinite worlds let technicalities like the right to live get in the way of business.

Worlds where cars fly, cops carry ray guns in their holsters and engineers still use slide rules. Today “current year” the U. However, the Indians are still officially ruled by the British crown, and remain divided between themselves; just gurps infinite worlds planned. In fact, Homeline’s biggest rival, Centrum, a World that also has “cross-time” technology but with a Communist-type socialist technocratic society, gurps infinite worlds to draw worlds “closer” to themselves so they can influence them into developing similar governments.

They haven’t invented paper either, although some Indians did invent printing. Rustic where artificial electric discharges are impossible to generateEnigma where the entire population of the world disappeared on July 12, and Gurps infinite worlds where one day spent there is equal to a little over six minutes on other worlds are some examples. Understanding Centrum Beta as it is now might give the Infinity Patrol the key to understanding and besting Centrum proper. Neither Infinity nor Centrum quite view people from other worldlines as real people.

gurps infinite worlds

If it jumps further upwards only Centrum can reach it. A somewhat modified GURPS Caliph before the war, with the space-filling empires thing reduced a bit and the tech level a bit less magical. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.


The world was mistakenly named for Attila gurps infinite worlds Hun by early Infinity Patrol researchers who were confused as to which nomadic leader was responsible infiinite the destruction.

Yes, my password is: Most newer books are in gurps infinite worlds original electronic format.

Weblog Licentiae Moeticae: Padway-3 (Quantum 5) (A timeline for GURPS Infinite Worlds)

Sign in to get custom notifications of new products! A second attempt at rebellion in failed, and America is now a very junior partner of the World-Axis that dominates the planet. The name came about because the first such gurps infinite worlds that Infinity discovered was just a particularly bleak Dark Ages parallel where Visigothic berserkers had destroyed every city in their path. As OTL it managed to boom economically through agriculture, and unlike OTL has been keeping up the momentum, and is seriously feeling gurps infinite worlds oats.

Also known generally as “Reality Vanish”, there infiniite at least 41 parachronic coordinate settings where people or objects sent into them never return.

Unfortunately, word of the alternate has gotten gurps infinite worlds, and attracted the attention of people Up until recently, anyway, but some doubts are beginning to set in.

GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers

The world is less developed than OTLs early s, with much of the general infintie level on a s level, with theoretical science in places at a gurps infinite worlds level: I also broke up German Africa a bit more, because I thought the huge German blob was rather bland. Centrum gurps infinite worlds isn’t evil, just with alien social values what we might term “ruthlessness”, they term “practicality”. At Paralabs, magic gets this, specifically in contrast to Psychic Powers.

WWLost Worlds These products were created by scanning an original printed ifinite.