16 Dec DoD R, “Department o£ Defense Personnel Security Program,” December , is hereby canceled as of December 31, DoD M – National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual. ( NISPOM) DoD R – Personnel Security Program. 12 Feb The following pen change to DoD R, “Personnel Security Program DoD R, “Department of Defense Personnel Security.

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Request should contain the individual’s full name, current address, and telephone number. Military Security Clearances Military deployments almost always require that the service member have a valid security clearance.

Respectfully, Bill Meili Dallas Office: What we do for clients facing a suspension, revocation or non-issuance of a dos clearance is similar to what we do for clients whose professional licenses are in jeopardy. We do everything necessary to establish that the client is, in fact, trustworthy, reliable and sufficiently possessed of sound and discerning judgment.

To find out more, 5200.2- how to control cookies, see here: By so doing we can argue that the client poses no credible threat to national security, and that the reinstatement of eligibility or lifting of the preliminary suspension is clearly in the best interests of the U.

Records include identifying information: This site uses cookies.

Temporary records are deleted when the individual is no longer under the security cognizance of DoDIIS. Information is used to meet regulatory requirements when granting access to information systems and to maintain a repository of personnel who have been granted access. I have helped many service members over the years retain their clearances in a variety of situations.

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If you are in the military, a government contractor, or if you are a government civilian, your security clearance is, in all likelihood, a pre-requisite to your career.

DoD R, “Personnel Security Program,” 1/

If your security clearance is jeopardized in any way, your career is at risk. Please call my office for comprehensive help and representation with your security clearance issue or problem. April 13,77 FR Useful Websites Meili Law Website. Individual’s last name and network user-id. In some cases, clients have had their eligibility for access to classified information or employment in sensitive duties suspended, and must defend against a permanent revocation of eligibility to did a clearance.

Over the past twenty five years, I have 5200.2-r military service members, government contractors and federal government employees who have had security clearance problems.

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Regardless of the individual facts, 52000.2-r bottom line in security clearance work is this: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. March 31, Author: Records are electronically deleted from the database.

Contact info meililaw.

One of the keys is found in the appropriate regulations which underpin all security clearance work, and specifically in those sections dealing with extenuation and mitigation. Physical and electronic access are limited to persons responsible for servicing and authorized to use the system.


Civilian, military and contract employees who request access to information under the security cognizance of DoDIIS. Dov, Social Security Number SSNEmployee Identification Number EINand network user identification; service request records relating to password issuance, type of security clearance, and name of system to which access has been granted.

In addition to those disclosures generally permitted rod 5 U. DIA’s rules for accessing records, for contesting contents and appealing initial agency determinations are published in DIA Instruction Access to records is limited to individuals who are properly screened and cleared on a need-to-know basis in the performance of their duties.

While each case is different, it helps to keep in mind what the issuing agency is really concerned about. Passwords and User IDs are used to control access to the system data, and procedures are in place to deter and detect browsing and unauthorized access. As a 55200.2-r, those individuals have been able to deploy and otherwise extend, grow and continue their careers.