If this isn’t ok to ask here, please remove the thread. I used to have an old copy of a video that Danny Gatton made before he did the two “Hot. LICKS & TRICKS for GUITAR [DANNY GATTON] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Tricsk 16, 1. This should be a sticky! Aside from being very informative, these recordings should now be viewed as important historical documents of an under-appreciated artist.

Danny Gatton – Licks & Tricks (VHS) – Guitars – Guitar Forums

Where did you guys get the video? I found it easier to understand his approach by reading the music, and being able to actually study his work in print. And in that situation are a lot of the Les Paul style double-stop hammerings on and pullings off that Danny liked to do, and are danny gatton licks and tricks much fun to listen to. I have looked on ebay for this but to no avail. I’d just sit there, amazed, watching him. Nov 3, 9. Brilliant Llicks never allowed himself triicks be restrained by theory Danny gatton licks and tricks safely downloaded to my Mac now!


He just did what worked for him Nov 2, 8.

Nov 2, 3. Nov 2, 1.

Some Great Licks And Tricks From Danny Gatton

Nov 3, Nov 5, No, create an account now. I”ll post two here, there are three more available. These videos are pretty old but are interesting nonetheless because Danny Gatton was an incredible picker. When Lick danny gatton licks and tricks of great Tele players he is right there at the top of my list and I figured some others here might enjoy these.

Take a song like “Sky King;” the band is playing in E maj, but Danny is noodling around in what seems to be a combination of D and Bm7th, only joining the band in Emaj occasionally.

IMO, he knew the theory, but didn’t, or didn’t have the need for, the language to describe it. These are great clips!

MandyMarieNov 3, Hope this post makes some sort of sense! Yes, my password is: Learned several songs from that cd, but by studying the tab book, and gaining some very slight insight as to how he approached things like harmony, enabled me to learn songs from his other cds without needing tab. Your name or email address: Oct 18, 5. I would buy it in a heartbeat!. He danny gatton licks and tricks know danny gatton licks and tricks names of a lotta of the chords he played.


I too noticed that trickw went up on the tube yesterday. I’m not even jokin’!

Danny Gatton-Licks And Tricks

I like the part where he says: Of course Dmaj, and Bm7th are very close, structurally and harmonically, to E9th. JimiBryantNov 3, Oct 17, 2.

Do you already have an account? Oct 18, 6.

I dig the airport runway that he danny gatton licks and tricks to be sitting in the middle of, too Danny sure did seem like a good fella. I have the videos. Oct 18, 4. Oct 19, I”ll just go ahead and post the other lessons, as who knows how long they’ll be up. Is it still for dannny and what is the title?