fxG Manual. BEFORE USING THE CALCULATOR FOR THE FIRST TIME (MB). Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted (MB). Chapter 2 Basic. User manual, users manuals, user guide, operating instructions. CASIO – Calculators. User manual, View FXG PLUS pdf User manual. Download. Please keep your manual and all information handy for future reference. Declaration of Conformity. Model Number: fxG PLUS. Trade Name: CASIO .

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If command 2 Then. The Else-statement is executed when the If-condition is false 0.

List Function Caaio 6 u u u u u To input a value into a specific cell You can input a value into a specific cell inside a list. Chapter 5 Casio fx 7400g plus manual and Graph Graphing a table whose casio fx 7400g plus manual were generated using more than one function causes the graphs of all the functions to be drawn at the same time. Appendix Appendix E Specifications Variables: Jump Commands jump Programming Chapter 8 Example: Sends selected data items.

The procedure described here clears all memory contents. This calculator does not contain any main batteries when you purchase it. View Window Memory Graphing Chapter 4 b. Getting Acquainted Chapter 1 2. Text Display Chapter 8 Programming The settings on your general graph settings screen may differ.

Casio fx-7400G PLUS Instruction Manual

Page 54 Chapter 2 Basic Calculations The following 7400y appears whenever you press 1 Xwhile the statistical data menu is on the display. Page 30 Chapter 8 Programming Casio fx 7400g plus manual Such text appears on the display during program execution, which means you can add labels to input prompts and results. Use the function key menu to select the name of the statistical data list whose values you want on the -axis of the graph.

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Use fcd and e to move the highlighting around the lists.

The types of functions that can be stored in memory are: Performing a Data Transfer Operation Connect the two units and then perform the following procedures. The following types of data casio fx 7400g plus manual be sent by this command. Programming Chapter 8 Send Function: Chapter 2 Basic Calculations Chapter Basic Calculations In the RUN Mode you can perform casio fx 7400g plus manual calculations addi- tion, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as calculations in- volving manuwl functions.

Command Reference k k k k k Command Index Break General graph settings SET Programming Chapter 8 Example: While the general graph settings screen is on the display, use f and c to move the highlighting to the Freq item.

The casio fx 7400g plus manual difference is that you can specify the step. The starting value is assigned to the control variable with the first execution, and the value of the control variable is incremented by one with each execution. This command is a count jump plud decrements the value of a control variable by 1, and then jumps if the current value of the variable is zero.

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CASIO fx-7400G PLUS User Manual

Enter text from picture: Chapter 8 Programming Surface Area S The following com- mands make it possible to interrupt a calculation for fz of values and display of intermediate results. Chapter 8 Programming 1. You can use this menu to store, edit, and recall functions and to draw their graphs.

The conditional jump compares the contents of two variables or the results of two expressions, and a decision is made whether or not to execute the jump based on the results of the comparison. Page 17 Graphing Chapter 4 2.


Chapter 7 Statistical Graphs and Calculations u u u u u To select the data list for a pie chart, stacked bar chart, bar graph or line graph Data 1. Manipulating List Data List data casio fx 7400g plus manual be used in arithmetic and function calculations. Page 27 Programming Chapter 8 Example: