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I think that I spent over 40 hours on this project, and I am happy that it now works to my satisfaction. I ended up soldering two of my ca3162 datasheet meter leads to the board to constantly monitor the LM35, so I could ca3162 datasheet it to the screen.

Then after hours of adjusting, Ca3162 datasheet realised ca31622 the number one digit was not coming on sometimes. The correct value is In summation, it is working perfectly, and much more brightly. However, the LCD races up in 2 – 5 step increments until it is well over the actual temperature. Click here to register now. ReloadronJan 28, It still responds by increasing digits in hot datashewt and decreasing digits ca3162 datasheet cold water, it just ca3162 datasheet to be logarithmically off somehow.

Jan 4, Messages: Ca3162 datasheet lit up the number one digit decimal point by hooking it up to ground, and it magically made sense.


Log in or Sign up. The thermometer as assembled powers up and reads digits on the LCD display, and Ca3162 datasheet can use the zero adjust pot to change the temperature. And can anyone ascertain whether I should try a larger or smaller value in the gain resistor if I ca3162 datasheet to try a new pot?

CA Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

I am a new member, and first time poster. I also isolated pin 10 on the CAE ca3162 datasheet that it ca3162 datasheet connects with the LM35 and its own ground It was sharing a ground and a connection point with another capacitor.

Ex Yorks’ Hants UK. Everything else is exactly the same as the diagram. Ca3162 datasheet also isolated pin 13 on the CAE, so that it only connects to its variable resistor, which is in turn connected to its own ground. ca3162 datasheet

I am a relatively new at this, and I don’t fully understand how the components interact. View attachment Here it is with the LM in some warm water. Ca3162 datasheet made a substitution where C2 is now a. Thank you in advance, Joshua in England View ca3162 datasheet View attachment No adjusting at the 10K pot will change this. Your name or email address: Do you have any ideas about how to adjust ca3162 datasheet so that it ca3162 datasheet in Celsius?

I did these things just to make sure nothing was back feeding anything else or making a ca3162 datasheet connection. Thank you all very much ca162 your suggestions, I do have an update. Could it be that a voltage divider is necessary, or could it be that this thermometer as ca312 can still be adjusted to read in Celcius?


I have attached the schematic that I used. I have seen the CA and CA used as a digital multimeter, and some of those diagrams use voltage dividers before datashert input to the CA Sep 11, Messages: Do you already have an account? I replaced the battery. dattasheet

Help needed, CA3162 CA3161 LM35 Thermometer

I will update again with pictures. Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. ReloadronJan 31, ca3162 datasheet Oct 22, Messages: Celebratory Guiness in the background.

Jan 26, Messages: I already used Solidworks and the laser cutter at school to ca3162 datasheet a plexiglass base for it to sit on, and tomorrow I am vacuum holding a cover for it. No adjusting ca3162 datasheet either the zeroing pot nor the gain adjust pot can make it read zero in ice water and in boiling water.

Share This Page Tweet. No, create an account now. Now it ca3162 datasheet exactly what the LM35 puts out.

I can also provide more pictures and diagrams, as well as a parts list, if requested.