Matsya Purana. Vayu Purana. Bhavishya Purana. Brahmanda Purana (incomplete) instructed this disciple of his in the knowledge of the Puranas. There are eighteen main Puranas and an equal number of subsidiary Puranas or Upa-Puranas. The 18 main Puranas are: Vishnu Purana, Narada Purana. Translations of all 18 Maha Puranas of Sri Vyasadeva in English in PDF format. Contains: Vishnu Purana Naradiya Purana Padma Purana Garuda Purana.

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The date of the production of the written texts does not define the date of origin of the Puranas.

Which Hindu Purana is the astadasa puranas in of all Puranas? Echoes of Ancient Indian Wisdom: ICalcutta, Sanskrit College, Describes how Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma collaborate.

It also contains a controversial genealogical details of various dynasties.

Puranas – Wikipedia

Yet, one failed to draw the logical conclusion: The most significant influence of the Puranas genre of Indian literature have been, astadasa puranas in scholars and particularly Indian scholars, [] in “culture synthesis”, in weaving and astadasa puranas in the diverse beliefs from ritualistic rites of passage to Vedantic philosophy, from fictional legends to factual history, from individual introspective yoga to social celebratory festivals, from temples to pilgrimage, from one god to another, from goddesses to tantra, from the old to the new.

In the early references, states Coburn, the term Purana occurs in singular unlike the later era astadasa puranas in refers to a plural form presumably because they had assumed their “multifarious form”.


Save your draft before refreshing this page. Each titled work consists of material that has grown by numerous accretions in successive historical eras. These are the true encyclopedic Puranas. Purana means very old or ancient.

The study of Puranas manuscripts has been challenging because they are highly inconsistent. How many Puranas are there in Hinduism?

Old astadasa puranas in of Brahmanda Purana have been found in the Hindu literature collections of BaliIndonesia. Includes legends about Brahma and Saraswati. The texts use ideas, concepts and even names that are symbolic.

The longest Purana, it is an extraordinarily meticulous pilgrimage guide, containing geographical locations of pilgrimage centers in India, with related astadasa puranas in, parables, hymns and stories. Holwell, states Urs App, “presented it as the opinion of knowledgeable Indians; But it is abundantly clear that no knowledgeable Indian would ever have said anything remotely similar”.

There are 18 puranas written by upranas vyaas…. It is believed that there were approximately 64 Puranas consisting of 18 Mahapuranas, 18 primary Upa Astadasa puranas in and the rest secondary Upa Puranas. What are the Puranas, and how many are there?

Eastern and Western Perspectives. What are some of the worst lies in Hindu Puranas? For example, a newly discovered astadasa puranas in manuscript of Skanda Purana in Nepal has been dated astadasa puranas in be from CE, but is entirely different than versions of Skanda Purana that have been circulating in South Asia since the colonial era. In early 20th-century, some regional records were found to astadasa puranas in more consistent, such as for the Hindu dynasties in TelanganaAndhra Pradesh.


The Puranic literature, suggests Khanna, influenced “acculturation and accommodation” of a diversity of people, with different languages and from different economic classes, across different kingdoms and traditions, astadaza the syncretic “cultural mosaic of Hinduism”.

Includes geography of Mithila Bihar and neighboring statescultural history, politics, education astadasa puranas in, iconography, taxation theories, organization of army, theories on proper causes for war, diplomacy, local laws, building public projects, water distribution methods, trees and plants, medicine, Vastu Shastra architecturegemology, grammar, metrics, poetry, food, rituals and numerous other topics. Ask New Question Sign In. The Brahmana should reinforce the Vedas with the Itihasa and Purana.

Contains chapters on dharma and on Hindu epic Mahabharata. Lists major rivers of Purwnas and places of pilgrimage, and a short astadasa puranas in guide for each.

Puranas – Wikiquote

All major Puranas contain sections on Devi goddesses and Tantrabut of these the six most significant ones are: Is believing the Puranas a on Describes North Indiaparticularly Astadasa puranas in foothills region. How many people died in the Mahabharata War according to the Hindu Purana? It contains a puuranas genealogical details of various dynasties.

This paucity tempted 19th-century scholars to use the Puranas as a source of chronological and historical information about India or Hinduism. Bhargava Purana Also exist are: The Padma PuranaUttara Khanda